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King Of Fighters Wing 1.6

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King Of Fighters Wing 1.6 Free Fighting Game
King Of Fighters Wing 1.6 Fighting Game - Play King Of Fighters Wing 1.6 For Free - Fighting Games!

Added: Nov 3, 2011

1P: WASD to move. Attack: JKL UIO, 2P: Arrow keys to move Attack: 123 456.

King Of Fighters Wing 1.6 is fun and we have over 10 000 other fighting games beside this game. After a years of silence, KOF wing1.6 Teng jumped back. KOF popular female characters - Mai Shiranui, ride a Royal fan from the fire! Nirvana enjoy stunning interpretation of super-fit.Thus KOF wing to eight roles, hidden roles: snake, runaway Iori.

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